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5th December 2012


Mass Effect: 2nd Session

Rather than days, I’m going to go with “sessions,” because I highly suspect that some days I’ll play multiple times.

The Citadel

This session I spent almost entirely in the Citadel. I’m still there, in fact. There’s a lot to do and a lot to take in. I like how it’s basically been set up as a big recruiting station and I’m pleased that I’ve gotten a lot of new characters right at the front of the game. Too many RPGs have a bad habit of giving you half your party halfway or more through the game and you don’t get any time to get used to their characters.

Of the three new party members I picked up (Garrus, Wrex, and Tali) I’m most enjoying Tali and Wrex. I know Garrus is a huge fan favorite—his name pops up everywhere on the web and I’ve been sent far too many unsolicited hentai pictures with him and female Shephard—but he didn’t strike me immediately as a personality I’ll be drawn to. I like Wrex’s single-mindedness and I enjoy Tali’s odd mix of philosophical enlightenment and naïeté when it comes to society and common sense. Right now, my party is her and Ashley and we’re cruising around the Citadel looking for the Flux (I hear there’s gambling over there). I may give up the search and move on to presenting evidence of Saren’s guilt to the council, though I’ll be surprised if it actually changes their minds.

I may have missed some side quests, but I’m not overly concerning myself with that. Pacing is going to be really important to me in this game and I’m only letting myself get sidetracked from the main mission where it is either interesting or feels in character to do so. I did undertake the Chorban side quest and I also tackled the problem of the man whose wife’s body is being held for military testing. In that case, I ended up telling him I couldn’t help him (which didn’t please Ashley).

On that note, it will be interesting to see which of these decisions are brought up again later in the plot. I remember Honest Gamer reviewer Mike Suskie talking about that feeling; where you get the sense (even if some of it is illusionary) that everything you do matters. I can attest to the truth of that, certainly.

Currently, ones that I’m wondering about are my decision to let the military keep the body, my decision to help Chorban, my decision to let Wrex kill Fist, and my decision to give a journalist Fist’s files. I don’t want actual answers to these questions, mind you; I’m just keeping those events in mind as I continue.

The highlight of the playthrough was probably the shoot out in Fist’s strip club. It came at just the moment where I was beginning to itch for some action and it was a nice string of it which let me get good use out of all of my biotic abilities. I’ve started to get down the system a lot more, which is a pretty smooth learning curve all things considered, but I still have some trouble staying behind cover when I want to. One thing that I’m really having fun with are the team commands; using them to set up flanks or pincer attacks, or to distract someone while I sneak up from behind. I have only really played with “send forward” and “regroup.” I know another one lets me assign them to specific cover and another tells them to focus in on a target, but I haven’t used those yet.

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