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6th December 2012


Mass Effect: 3rd Session

It’s beginning to disturb me as to just how much time I can clock in one go on this game.


This session almost pushed me to a limit. Much too much time was spent finishing up quests in the Citadel. To the game’s credit, they were all quests I was interested in and the one involving the hacking of the slot machines had a wonderfully surprising twist at the end that was worth all the running around. And I enjoyed the consort’s quest a lot, too. I’m sure that “trinket” will show up again somewhere.

Still, I must have spent four or five hours in the Citadel. It’s things like that which would be hard for me to repeat on a second playthrough. I’d be inclined to just ignore most of the quests and get through that section, as it still felt very introductory.

The council scene where you become a SPECTRE was the highlight of the evening. That was a fantastic scene and gave me the first rush I’ve felt while playing. I knew, after that moment, that I was definitely in for the long haul, no matter how long it is.

The game also opened up nicely after that. I was itching to move on to the exploration aspects, so I only spoke briefly with my crew—but enough to solidify Wrex as my favorite character. He’s surprisingly complex and it’s maybe the only time I’ve seen the brutish thug explored in such detail and subtlety. I also mentioned on facebook a similar thing with Ashley and her racism (which isn’t blatant, but just hinted at). Her and Wrex are currently my favorite characters, with Tali coming in at a strong second (her character kind of bores me, though). Garrus is a third and I really have little use for Kaiden. I like him; he’s the staunch loyalist, for sure; but uninteresting.

Anyway, the last hour of the evening was not spent as well. I took on my first driving stage (after first having my mind blown at how large the game map is). My first run I did pretty well—found a bunch of stuff, killed a few aliens and scavengers, and made it to a mine infested with surveyors-turned-husks. Then I died after making a dumb tactical mistake: I think I blew myself up with my own grenade, if that’s possible.

Anyway, the game loaded me… but all the way back at the beginning of the planet. This would happen three more times tonight before I forced myself to stop playing.

The first time that it happened can be blamed on ignorance: I honestly thought it was going to start me back up at the entrance to the mining chambers. The second time can be blamed on hutzpah: I was killed by an Abyss Worm (I don’t know the actual name, but it looks like the Abyss Worms out of Final Fantasy) which I had absolutely, no problem, murdered my first run through. The third time, though, I have no excuse. I should have manually saved about a hundred times before rushing into battle against the scavengers.

I would go back and try again, but it’s 1:00am, my apartment is a mess, and I have to be up tomorrow at a reasonable hour. My head is flooded with Mass Effect images and I think I’m going to have to go for a long walk or something tomorrow. Keep myself away from the game for most of the day.

I’m also investing in a Playstation Plus account, almost purely for the cloud save feature. I’ve never lost a save and don’t have a belief that I will do so now, but I don’t want to have to go through the Citadel missions again. And, if I’m diligent about completing all these side-quest planets, I know I won’t want to have to do them again, either. At least not until I’ve finished all three games. And that could take a long time.

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