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7th December 2012


Mass Effect: 4th Session

This session started with finishing my first Mako run. I must have been tired last night or maybe third time’s a charm because I had no trouble surviving this time. I suppose I had lots of practice. Killed the crap out of those husks.


A lot of people say that the Mako stages suck and are the worst part of Mass Effect 1. I have actually been really enjoying them, now that I’ve done a few. Right now, I think the Mako quests are serving as good side quests. I much prefer them to running around the Citadel, solving everyone’s problems. These feel much more in line with a sci-fi experience and I feel I’m really getting a sense of the size and scope of the galaxy, especially as there are many reminders that “this is just a taste of what’s out there.” Mass Effect is more than just a game world: it’s a game universe.

The only complaints I currently have about the Mako stages are that (1) the Mako is slightly too slow and (2) there aren’t enough enemies to fight en route to objects of interest.

Anyway, my last Mako run was on Tremur (I may very well have the name wrong—it’s where you find Liara T’soni) and that went pretty well. Every time I play I seem to take notice of another game mechanic. Today it was barriers and shields. I finally figured out that they are the bars next to your health (or an enemy’s health) and just how important they are to keep up/drain from the enemy. I had a good team for straight-forward combat: Wrex and Ashley. It was a good time to learn about barriers.

For each character, I’ve been giving them a basic spread of abilities and then a ton of points in one or two areas. Most everyone is getting their “class” skill developed. Wrex I’m building mostly as a tank, focusing in on Fitness and Combat Armor. Ashley I’ve gone with gunner, boosting her assault rifle and sniper rifle skills. I’m also working on her armor.

Garrus I’ve played with the least; I don’t have a build for him, yet. Kaiden I’ve gone with a medic feel, giving him high first aid. Tali is the full on robot killer and support character, with high sabotage and AI hacking (I wish she’d been with me on this last one, there were so many Geth!). I just got Liara so I haven’t even checked out her class, yet.

As for Shephard, her highest ranks are in pistol and throw. I really like the sound of the lift ability and I just unlocked it today, so I’m eager to check it out the next time I play. Pistols mixed with marksmanship are almost unfairly good; I’ve been getting one shot kills on a ton of tough enemies. It’s becoming a fairly standard strategy for me to use throw to knock the “boss” of a group of enemies down, and then use marksmanship while he’s down to quickly finish him off. It’s how I beat the Krogan on Geth—though I did die a few times because I didn’t realize he healed so fast. I thought he was dead until I got a bullet in the head.

That was the only annoying thing this session: when you die in certain situations, like that one, you have to redo a couple scenes before getting back into battle.

As a side note, I also did that mission where biotics take a chairman hostage on a ship. He didn’t make it. I keep investing points in charm, but I guess not enough in intimidate. I haven’t gotten any charm options yet (or if I have, I haven’t noticed them) but plenty of missed intimidate options!

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