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10th December 2012


Mass Effect: 7th Session

This session is entitled “Death on Luna; oh my god, Death on Luna.”


Seriously, it was a pretty serene session, just a quick one meant to get a little gaming in, until I reached the moon. First of all, it felt very cool to be playing in a galaxy I can relate to. I enjoy the planet descriptions, but I don’t often remember them. For the Sol system, I really dug into the descriptions, trying to see what ME’s vision of our future is, a little closer to home.

Then I died on the moon, like, seven times (and, if you haven’t realized already, I have a  habit of not saving). Those robots are damn hard and they like to swarm you. In the end, it was a combination of Tal’s hacking and Shephards Marksman skill that won the day. Marksman is pretty outrageously powerful.

That mission led me to a new specialization option: Nemesis (which boosts your offensive biotics) or Shock Trooper (which seems more of a defensive thing). I was tempted highly to go Shock Trooper (it’s hard to pass up more health and defense) but I knew I’d be kicking myself later for not grabbing the chance to boost Lift and Warp, which are two skills I use ALL THE TIME. Especially Lift.

I may have taken a wrong step in my relationship with Liara; we had another conversation and she suggested that things be put on hold till after we stop Saren. That makes sense, I suppose. Don’t try to have a relationship while you’re tracking a hardened killer out to destroy the galaxy, but I was amused to note how disappointing it still was to me. I haven’t been able to bring up the subject again, so I’m going to do another story mission and see if that changes things. In any case, Liara was on my team throughout the moon missions; her and Tali. I may go with an all human squad for the next story mission, though. I haven’t used Kaiden since Ctiadel.

I said last time I was going to discuss the council calling and figuring out the cover system. I’ll keep it brief. I like the council calling. I also liked figuring out the cover system.

The trick to the cover system, I found, is that you have to let go of the movement controls entirely and just use fire and aim. It actually works pretty well once you learn it, but it feels unintuitive alongside other third person shooters where you tend to want to be able to move along your cover in order to get to a better position for aiming.

I also said I would talk about selling off my inventory and I should at least mention that it took me thirty minutes to do it, today. The big problem with it is the scrolling system, which is incredibly slow. I need to either be able to up the scroll speed or I want to be able to see more items on the screen at once. Also I wish I could order them by weapon/armour/upgrade. I like that it tries to sort them by which are the weakest, but that doesn’t always translate to what I want to get rid of. Not being able to sort by type means I occasionally come across a gun buried amidst some upgrades and sometimes it’s even a gun I want to keep. It also means that if I see a lower level upgrade and can’t remember if I have the higher level, I have to slowly scroll through to the later items to see if I have the higher version of it. It just slows the process down.

I also don’t like not being able to compare weapons to what people have equipped who aren’t in my party. Usually I do my selling on the ship, which means I only get to look at Shephard’s equipment. It’s hard to remember if I should be keeping this or that armour for Wrex or for Garrus when I can’t see what they have on them. Again, slows the process down.

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