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2nd January 2013


Mass Effect 3: 5th Session

Wow, just an hour-long session! I’m surprised at my self discipline. Tonight I got to see Mordin again! I’m assuming that none of these ME2 specific-characters will be back on your team for this game, since most of them can die. I actually am guessing I have a good chunk of the playable roster filled out, but I could be totally wrong about that.


Mordin’s voice actor changed, I see. It’s only a slight difference, but I was able to notice it. The new voice actor did a good job; he’s lacking a bit of the speed and nasal tones of the original. The guy who did him originally did an amazing job of mixing emotion into speech patterns that were contending with a submachine gun for speed.

Tonight’s playthrough involved the genophage, which is finally coming to a close. That’s been my favorite of the side stories throughout the series, and it was particularly heightened in my game by the fact that I lost my first character, Wrex, over an argument about it. There’s a part of me that’s been trying to do good for the Krogan’s ever since, as a kind of penance.

This was also the first mission where I really felt I had control of the combat. I use the command wheels often now to check out the radar and see where enemies are grouping together and where they are coming from. It’s more important in this ME than any of the others, because enemies really do come from everywhere and try to surround you. The team tonight was Javik and Liara, which is a deadly combo, because both have strong area affect attacks (the lift grenades are really good, especially when paired with Liara’s warp, which I need to focus on leveling now).

I’ve ended the mission back on the Normandy with a ton of conversations waiting for me. Not only on the ship (which include talking to the Female Krogran, Eve, and the Turian and Krogan commanders) but back in the Citadel where I’ve been contacted by Miranda and have a ton of stuff to drop off for various fetch quests. I’ll admit, I’m not  looking forward to it as much as I am the next battle. The game has such a well designed combat system that I’m eager to get back to it.

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