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18th January 2013


Mass Effect 3: 17th Session

Gonna be short tonight, cause I’m dead tired. First of all, thanks to Mike Suskie for pressuring me to pick up the Leviathan DLC. I started it up tonight and it’s fantastic. It doesn’t feel over dramatic to claim that it is the single best mission I’ve played in the entire trilogy. It’s incredibly moody, and feels like playing through an episode of “X-Files in Space.”

I was a big X-Files fan for the first five years of the show. I recently tried to make it through it all on netflix and was reminded of why I quit around that time. Boy it gets bad, though there is the occasional gem. A personal favorite would be the conclusion of Moulder’s sister obsession. That’s a brilliant episode, and I think it comes as late as season seven. Actually, that was the last episode I ever watched. It felt like the conclusion I’d been looking for. I didn’t care to continue on for another, what? three seasons?

Anyway, this mission reminded me of the early days of X-Files, when everything was about crazy people, possessions, conspiracies, and the unknown. Between the doctor getting shot (I thought he was going to be a main character—well played, Bioware) and the crazy ass mumblers (which is what I’ve been calling the possessed people in the mines), I was actually very creeped out. When the fake doctor started screaming at me and bleeding from the nose, I decided I was all in for this DLC. Not because it was awesome, but because at this point I had to know—what was going to be the payoff for this build up?

I still don’t know, and I definitely don’t want spoilers on this one. I hope it lives up to what it’s promised with this insane build up.

As a side note, Banshees are really hard to kill. I died three times on the Banshees in the mining colony and only beat them in the end because I stumbled across a new Reaper weapon that’s a little bit like a mini-Cain. I miss the Cain :(

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